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Camper Camper Mountain

What We Offer

It’s our passion for travel and quality craftmanship that sits is at the heart of all our work.  

Our Mission

Our mission is to raise the bar for campervan rentals across the UK and beyond. Creating exceptionally crafted camper vans that inspire you to travel and experience #Vanlife in the most beautiful vehicles!

Our Vision

Our vision it to become a household brand in our industry, delivering consistent quality products, services and experiences for generations to come.

Our Values

Quality materials, Quality craftmanship and quality customer service!

We have a quality focused approach to everything we do so that you can focus on the quality time spent exploring with loved ones.

Camper Camper Mountain

What's the story?

What’s happening?! I’m Tom, the proud owner and founder of Camper Camper!

I suppose the story of camper camper begins with my love for travel and a campervan trip to Iceland taken back in 2017 where my passion for Vanlife suddenly got a grip of me!  I loved the freedom it offered and if I’m honest, the smugness I felt as the tour busses herded the crowds of people back to their hotels while we stayed, rustled up some grub and soaked up the beauty of the nature around us. It was perfect and I was 100% hooked!

A year later, I decided to leave my career in engineering to create a business building vans, that felt to me, more interesting and modern than the typical vans that where out there at the time.

I started out not really knowing where it would go but I have learned so much from the many wonderful people connected to this Vanlife community that I now feel I can offer something back through Camper Camper. Even if its something small like offering technical advice, that’s great! But if we can inspire you to get behind the wheel of one of our vans and experience the beauty of vanlife, Camper Camper style…  that’s the one!

Camper Camper Mountain

What you can expect from our campervans


We only work with industry leading brands to give seamless integration and reliable functionality of appliances and equipment all year round.


Our furniture is ergonomically designed using quality materials to make the most out of every cubic cm of internal space. Built to enjoy, built to last.


Full insulation and moisture control is standard our camper vans. Advanced insulation materials give optimised comfort all year in any climate.


Let us bring your dream to life. With your vision and our expertise, we will create a design that maximises space, style and functionality.


Charming Interior designs, tasteful soft furnishings and premium wood finishes give the ultimate feeling of home on the road.


All of our vans are checked and signed off to ensure your full safety. Gas, electrics and even weight, rest easy knowing that its all to within legal requirements.