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Camper Camper Mountain


It can be hard to find an off the shelf camper van that ticks all the boxes.

Having one custom designed for you is the perfect way to make sure you get a camper that works with your lifestyle and reflects your unique style and personality.

With our innovative designs and practical knowhow, we know that we can create a functional and stylish camper to suit your needs.



Powerful integration of market leading products keep everything running seamlessly ON or OFF grid.


Robust, stylish furniture built with expert attention to detail and finished with only premium products.


Full insulation and moisture control is standard in our camper vans. Use of advanced materials gives optimised comfort all year in any climate.


Gas and electrical safety certificates to ensure your safety and peace of mind.


Compact, robust and reliable – the eberspacher diesel heater keeps our campers comfortable all year long.

Interior design

Charming colours, natural textures, premium paints and finishing products carefully selected to create a personalised space to unwind in after a day of adventure.


Beautifully fresh living space with relaxing airflow from opening windows, powerful roof fans and airy skylights.




The Price of a custom conversions all depends on the spec of appliances and the unique features that we build into your van but here is a guide of what you can expect to pay for a typical custom conversion by Camper Camper:

Custom conversion with Silver electrical package
Start price approx. £30k

Custom conversion with Gold electrical package
- Start price approx. £40k

Custom conversion with Platinum electrical package
- Start price approx. £45k

We give our customers the choice of 3 electrical packages, designed using Victron Energy Products  - GOLD, SILVER or PLATINUM, depending on how you intend to use your campervan.

  • The Silver package is for use mostly at campsites with mains electricity hook up or short day trips without hookup. (AGM batteries, no solar)
  • The Gold package is for a mixed use of campsites with hook up and short off grid overnight stays. (Solar and lithium batteries)
  • Our Platinum package is our top spec designed for full off grid use (solar and lithium batteries)

Full specs available upon request.

As the old saying goes “buy cheap, buy twice”! and that’s exactly why, at Camper Camper, we never compromise on the quality of our appliances and equipment.

We only work with the industry leading brands that we have tried, tested and fully believe to be the best for your camper, keeping space, functionality, and customer support in mind.

In sticking with our chosen appliances and equipment, you can rest assured that in the event of any unlikely issues out on the road, our knowledge and the support direct from our selected brands will keep the cogs of your camper running, with as little disruption as possible.

Camper Camper Mountain

What you can expect from our campervans


We only work with industry leading brands to give seamless integration and reliable functionality of appliances and equipment all year round.


Our furniture is ergonomically designed using quality materials to make the most out of every cubic cm of internal space. Built to enjoy, built to last.


Full insulation and moisture control is standard our camper vans. Advanced insulation materials give optimised comfort all year in any climate.


Let us bring your dream to life. With your vision and our expertise, we will create a design that maximises space, style and functionality.


Charming Interior designs, tasteful soft furnishings and premium wood finishes give the ultimate feeling of home on the road.


All of our vans are checked and signed off to ensure your full safety. Gas, electrics and even weight, rest easy knowing that its all to within legal requirements.

Floor Plan Options

Camper Camper Mountain

Install & Services

At camper camper we offer installation, parts and safety check services. Need a helping hand with your self build or just looking for an upgrade on your campervan? Have a look through the services we offer, below and drop us a line if you think we can help!

Pop Tops

Supply and Installation of pop top roofs.

Window & Side Flares

We can add light, ventilation
and space to your van with our
window fitting service.

Fans & Roof Lights

Create a breeze with fans and roof lights.

Heater Installation

Stay warm in the winter
months with a diesel night

Gas Systems

Underslung tanks or on board
gas lockers.

Water Systems

Underslung tanks, pumps, fill
ports and more.

Seat Installation

Add additional seats to your

Exterior Accessories

Awnings, roof racks, steps,
wheels, tyres and more.

Safety Certificates

Book your annual campervan
gas and electric safety
certificate with us now.

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Contact us today and start your camper van conversion journey…